• Cassandra Ambrosini

How to get a drink like a local in Tigard.

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

When you walk into Tigardville Station, you will be greeted by a friendly, "How ya doing?" Patrons already enjoying their local beer on tap turn around to see if it's someone they know who just joined them. My smile has always been returned when no one knew me yet! Because I'm fancy, I order my Lemon Drop. While the bartender pours my drink, she is welcoming me to sit in their wonderful outdoor space. I notice a sign that tells me my bartender’s name is Jack. I crack a joke with her that she doesn't look like a Jack. Wouldn't you know Jack turns around and jokes that I can't judge. Ya never know. This place makes me feel right at home even though I get the feeling everyone in the room knows each other and I am welcomed as a new friend. My drink was perfectly made; the outdoor space was lovely. You owe yourself a stop-by. Let Jack, or not Jack (I didn't get her name) make you a drink or pour you a cold one.

If it's a hand-crafted cocktail and a riveting game of “Exploding Kittens,” you are looking for, Senet Game Bar is your place. Senet's owner Derrick Wright prides himself in creating a gathering place for beer and games. In the heart of downtown Tigard in an upstairs window at the edge of town, I found the neon sign reading "Drink & Think." I climbed the stairs to enter an open space with plenty of tables and every board game I have heard of—plus a few I hadn't. When I walked over to the bar, I was greeted by the bartender who—thankfully--let me know all the safety measures for using the games during the pandemic. The cocktail menu is a pleasure to read with names like “Bless Your Heart” and “Salty Bitch.” Let me tell you the drinks are phenomenal! They craft their cocktails and you can taste it. You really should treat yourself to their house special, “Senet Mule.” Their house-infused vodka with vanilla and orange flavors, bitters, and ginger beer make this drink so delicious you may want two. Don't worry though: they also have beer available if that's your preference. Hopefully, you will get lucky like I did and Derrick will stop by your table to strike up a conversation with you. In case you are wondering, I lost, my kitten exploded first. Next time!

Tigardville Station and Senet Game Bar are just two of the many great reasons to move to—and explore—Tigard, Oregon!

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